If I Have You, What More Could I Ask For In This Life? Chapter 4

I couldn’t wait for the next chapter (also because I’m finding ways to kill time while I wait for my novels to update) so I decided to translate it myself (albeit it’s machine translated), and thus, I’m sorry if it’s not all grammatically correct. Moreover, since I tried my best to make it readable, I had to switch wordings around (obviously causing some translations to be lost in the process)… Just thinking about how many times I had to refer to the dictionary makes my head go loco! OTL This is my first time translating a novel, so please treat me well and point out my mistakes if you find any!

Many thanks to sutekii for her generous help!

Chapter 4: Enemy

It’s hard to imagine that Yan Heng was able to rent such a good apartment, located close to the hospital. This community was relatively new and occupied the downtown area, and according to the housing prices of B City, it’s not cheap. Moreover, majority of the houses are for sale, how could it be for rent? Yisheng entered the room, feeling strange. A two bedroom apartment, decorated brand new, even the home furnishings 一 really can’t see if it’s for rentYisheng asked: “Elder Brother, is this house actually yours?”

Yan Heng stared at Yisheng, then hurriedly waved his hand, “How can I, a great person like me, live in such a small house?

The layout was exactly like a studio apartment. Yisheng watches around, eyes rapidly looking at every corner of the room, failing to find any clues. Perhaps she’s overthinking the situation. She says to Yan Heng: Thank you, Elder Brother, I’ll give you back the monthly rent.” 

Little girl, do you want to argue with me?” Said Yan Heng and started rubbing her plush soft hair, in a spoiling manner. Yisheng giggled foolishly. This action was a special sign of affection between the two of them. 

Yan Heng helped with tidying up, and it was three o’clock in the afternoon by the time they finished. Yisheng felt bad that he had to help, moreover it’s the middle of summer, and it’s somewhat hot.

“Elder Brother, let me treat you to dinner.”

Yan Heng, who had just finished with work, wiped off the sweat on his forehead, while panting: Good, I want a big meal.

Yisheng had a smile on her face, but she felt nervous, and her face was rigid: “Don’t hesitate to eat a lot, I’m paying.”

“Very good, very good, I’ll take you to a place with good food.”

Delicious food is very expensive. Yisheng silently cried as she thought of her wallet, which seemed almost weightless. Hey, to hit that fat face, suffer ah. They strolled around the community, down the bustling streets.

The two people walked all the way north, not stopping to take a breath as they talked the whole time.

“This district is close to the hospital, about 15 minutes away. If you happen to get up late in the morning, on the way to work there will be places selling breakfast.” Yan Heng said, pointing to a whole street filled with restaurants, and Yisheng was dazzled by the sight.

“That neighborhood is a newly developed residential area, where you can buy the properties at an extremely high price.” He also pointed towards a neighborhood they passed by. Yisheng glanced at the residential doors for a few minutes, the gates were larger than her university’s entrance, and written on marble was “Liang Tian Xiao Qu.” There were huge sculptures by the gate, accompanied by a fountain… it was only the entrance yet to spend so much, one could only imagine how luxurious the insides were. You could even see the imported cars, holy cow!

“I live in unit 3, building c, room 401, you have to remember.” Yan Heng added.

Yisheng snorted, giving him a look, “Elder Brother! Rich, but not noble!”

Yan Heng laughed, stopped to hug her and leaned close to her ear, “Did you not know, the more gold, the more blessings?”

Yisheng pinched his arm, “Go to hell.” The force she implemented immediately made Yan Heng’s soft white hands turn red in pain, making him hiss as he cried in hurt. Yisheng looked at him suspiciously, pulled out his hand to take a peek and was surprised to find out that it was actually bruising. Her lips parted to make out a word, but saw that he was being indignant and laughed.

“Beep!” A Bentley car from the Liang Tian Xiao Qu community came out, honking behind them. Yisheng reflexively looked back, and pulled Yan Heng out off the road while complaining: “Such a grown man, how can you be so thin skinned?”

Yan Heng just laughs, and the driver of the Bentley car suddenly screeches to a halt. Yisheng looks towards the vehicle, and couldn’t help but wonder did it break down? While she was thinking this, the Bentley car suddenly speeds off, frightening her.

“Little girl, until when are you going to hold my hand?” Yan Heng laughs mischievously.

Yisheng, shocked, lets go, and having nowhere else to place her hands, she hides it behind her back and says: “Let’s go, I’m inviting you to dinner.”

Yan Heng smiles brightly.

Somewhere in downtown, there is an elegant restaurant that stood out amongst the other buildings in its street. The facilities outside looked luxurious, and the insides were elegant which made it a good place for social gatherings for urban white-collar workers, and also a good place for dates. Yan Heng brings Yisheng to this place, and the two people sat close by the window. Yan Heng picks a french red wine steak and boston grilled shrimp, then gives the menu to Yisheng, “What do you want to eat?”

Yisheng first glances at the prices, and when she saw that it was all three-digit numbers, her blood ran cold. Brother, ah, how can you be so cruel? She hesitated to flip to the next page, not wanting to choose anything after seeing the prices. Her face was filled with unhappiness, and made a bored expression, “I have no appetite for anything in here.”

Yan Heng seems to have expected this, and smiled “So, what do you like to eat?”

“Well, actually, I’m not a picky eater. I just recently got a sore throat.”

“Lady, we have something light here that you can eat. Go ahead and take a look.” The waiter smiles humbly.

Yisheng was deflated, and slightly uncomfortable as she takes a few uneasy glances, then sees that the cashews with celery was 369. She cries but there are no tears. Her heart felt heavy as she sees him order with a calm look on his face.”Another fried cashews with celery.”

“What else does the lady want? ”

More? Yisheng really wanted to curse, “Don’t have to.”

Trying hard to hold back his temper, he could only smile in response.”A moment, Sir and Madam.” The waiter takes away the menus, bows to them and leaves.

Tensed, her eyes looked towards Yan Heng with a faint smile on her face. She smiles awkwardly, “Senior, what are you looking at? ”

“Is the food enough?” Says Yan Heng in a gentle tone, but a tinge of mischief was found in his words.

“It’s enough to lose weight.”

Yan Heng nods, understanding “I remember the times when we ate together, you spend a lot because of your love for food, no regards whatsoever, but now you have no appetite?”

“Yes, ah, haha.” Yisheng was speechless, and felt that he was deliberately doing this.

In fact, he was probably doing this on purpose, and back in university he’d do the same things to her. After serving, he had an excellent appetite and had some wine. She wanted one, but shut her eyes. What a waste, even if she were to splurge, the entire table costed a lot of money. Yisheng was unable to hold back, and spoke to Yan Heng.

“Elder Brother, you’re kind enough to share, ah!” The waiter walked away, and Yisheng quietly begged for mercy. Yan Heng gave Yisheng an astonished and dazed look.

She straightforwardly says: “I have no money, where consumption is no longer within the scope of my ability.”

“Pfft!” Yan Heng couldn’t help but laugh.

Yisheng finally knows that he was just playing around with her! Sure enough, Yan Heng says, “As a Senior, how can I not treat Junior Sister. The meal is on me.”

Yisheng eyes him, and immediately puts a shrimp in her mouth, “You should’ve said so earlier.”

So she began to eat and drink up. Yan Heng looked at her with a smile, a sense of satisfaction on his face.

“Great doctor!” Someone behind Yisheng suddenly cried.

Yan Heng looks towards the source of sound and stood up, “Lin Ruohan?”

“Oh! ” Yisheng choked. She glances up to see Yan Heng shaking his hands with Lin Ruohan, and gave her a head-to-toe. She was born with a tall figure, dyed blonde, wavy hair, and a black dress that contrasted against her white skin, giving her an impression of a noble.

Lin Ruohan seems to have sensed Yisheng’s eyes on her and returns her gaze, then suddenly feels alarmed. She was surprised to see her old friend which she hadn’t seen in six years.

“Didn’t you learn fashion design in France? How come you’ve returned?” Yan Heng, oblivious, was unaware of their relationship.

Lin Ruohan says with a laugh, “A foreign clothing company used a high salary to hire me over.”

“Oh, I see.” Yan Heng smiled and glanced towards Yisheng, somewhat ill at ease: “Yisheng, introduce yourself too.”

Yisheng stood up, not looking at Yan Heng, but at Lin Ruohan, with a polite smile.”No need for introductions, we know each other.”

Lin Ruohan smiled, “Long time no see, Yisheng.” She still has the same proud princess temperament, meeting and greeting people with an imposing manner. She was tall. Even if Yisheng desperately tried to pull up to her height, she was still half a head shorter than she is. Plus she’s wearing heels, making Lin Ruohan seemed higher, more domineering.

Lin Ruohan’s attitude took her eight years to get used to, and she just laughs: “Well, how are you doing?”

Lin Ruohan smiled: “Thanks to you, I have seen the psychiatrist for about one year, then I went aboard.”

Yisheng’s face turns ashen white, no longer able to talk. Yan Heng opened his mouth, about to speak, but Lin Ruohan’s vision was no longer on Yisheng, and turned towards Xiang Yan Heng, “Doctor, if you have nothing else to say, I’ll go.”

Having said that, Lin Ruohan in a gruff and arrogant manner, left, leaving Yan Heng speechless. Yan Heng looked towards Yisheng’s face, and seeing that she didn’t look too good, he’s a little dumbfounded.

“Yisheng, you also have a story.” Yan Heng says with a self-deprecating smile. He thought he knew her well, knew that she had a childhood sweetheart that she loves, but then had a relationship with another girl, thus breaking her heart. And when she was at her most vulnerable state, her corrupt father was sent to prison. Hence, she left to a place far away from home, going north in order to escape reality. He knew only this, but did not know there was more to the story – parts where she couldn’t speak about.

Yisheng returned to normal, and sat back on her chair, and continued to eat the expensive boston baked shrimp with a calm demeanor as if she hadn’t met anyone. Yan Heng slightly lowered his eyelids, watching her eat slowly.

He finally knows that some things are insurmountable, and she’s unable to talk about that part of memory of her youth. He was suddenly curious about her childhood sweetheart and the kind of person he is for him to occupy Yisheng’s memory – both happy times and sad times – when she was but a youth.


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